What Is Outgoing Email Filtering?

Outgoing email filtering helps protect your reputation as an email sender and assure that all your outgoing email safely arrives where it should. The professional solution blocks spam and viruses from leaving your network and prevents your IP(s) from being blacklisted.

Why Do You Need a Professional Outgoing Filter?

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Has your network ever sent out malicious emails without your knowledge? Due to network weaknesses such as unsecured wireless connections or firewalls allowing any device to transmit outbound SMTP, your IT security may be compromised, allowing spam or malware to be sent out from your network without you even knowing it. Therefore, it’s critical you invest in a professional Outgoing Filter solution. Maintain your company’s good reputation, stop spam from leaving your network, and prevent being blacklisted so your email always arrives where it is meant to go.

How Does It Work?

Simply use our outbound filtering services as your outbound email server or reroute all your outbound email from your existing mail server via the filters. The process is well documented and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Moreover, with the intuitive SpamSlayer control interface you remain in full control of your email flow. Once implemented, the solution will filter all outgoing spam and viruses, locking down compromised accounts in your network. This assures the delivery of your outbound email and, via reporting tools, allows you to quickly respond to detected abuse in your network.


  • Helps to prevent blacklisting
  • Integrates with both incoming filtering and archiving
  • Helps protect the reputation of your brand and IT systems
  • Helps avoid de-listing related costs
  • Increases outbound email continuity and delivery
  • Enhances employee productivity
  • Improves abuse manageability

How Does the SpamSlayer Work for Outgoing Filtering?

With the user-friendly SpamSlayer control interface, you will get maximum control over your outbound email, assure email continuity, and save human and network resources. You get clear and concise reports indicating which users/accounts require your attention and you can lock out spamming accounts from your network.

When you log in as the domain user, you have plenty of features to manage:

Outgoing Log Search: Search on various strings and options, including sender, outgoing user, recipient, subject, message ID, sender host, and sender’s IP.

Manage Outgoing Users: Create/manage outgoing users.

Generate SPF Record: The system automatically generates the SPF record string along with the current status on the domain.

Settings: This address is predominately used for ARF (Abuse Report Feedback) reports.

Outgoing User Settings: Control the outgoing user settings.

Generate DKIM Certificate: Generate a DKIM certificate for your domain.

Clear Callout Cache (Outgoing): Easily clear the callout cache for an outgoing domain.

More Information

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