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  • How Cloud Hosting Pricing Works

    How Cloud Hosting Pricing Works

    [title]Breaking Down How Cloud Hosting Pricing Works[/title] [p]Cloud hosting is a relatively new style of hosting that’s starting to pop up everywhere. It stands as an alternative to standard hosting environments and is well suited towards sites that are looking to scale, or demand flexibility in their hosting setup. However, a lot of people decide…

  • cPanel features

    cPanel features

    [p]Your Control Panel (or cPanel) gives you complete management of your website. Within the cPanel you can:[/p] [list] [listitem]Upload files to your website[/listitem] [listitem]Check your email[/listitem] [listitem]Add a domain to your hosting account[/listitem] [listitem]Create a FTP account[/listitem] [listitem]View website statistics[/listitem] [listitem]Install plugins and themes[/listitem] [/list] [p]Contact us today if you would like to learn more…

  • What is Public Cloud Hosting?

    What is Public Cloud Hosting?

    [p]Below we dive into what public cloud hosting actually is, along with its advantages and disadvantages, so you can make the best decision for your business.[/p] [title]What is Public Cloud Hosting?[/title] [p]Public cloud hosting utilizes the resources of a network of physical servers to provide a virtualized hosting environment that’s fast, flexible, and scalable.[/p] [p]The…