Affiliate Program


[p]Earn money by promoting our products/services via our free to join affiliate program. Once you’ve created your free affiliate account you’ll receive a unique referral link. Whenever someone clicks this they are redirected to our website and any purchases they make are recorded and the commission from that purchase is added to your account. As your commission builds you’ll be able to request a payout via PayPal.[/p]

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[h3]Realtime reports & statistics[/h3]
[p]We provide real-time statistics as well as a monthly email report with information on any new clicks, conversions and commissions you have generated.[/p]

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[h3]Quick & reliable affiliate payouts[/h3]
[p]We pay our affiliates when requested once the low payment rate of $30 is reached! Payments are made via PayPal or check ($2.50 delivery fee).[/p]

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[h3]Instant access to our program & resources[/h3]
[p]Join today and you’ll gain instant access to our program and all of our marketing resources.[/p]

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[h3]Our affiliate program is free to join[/h3]
[p]Our program is and always will be free to join for everyone.[/p]


[title]How to join[/title]

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Click on the [link url=”?page_id=136#register.php”]join free[/link] button at the top of this page.

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Once logged-in a new menu will appear. Hover over “My Account” and click on “My Commissions”.

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Click the orange button named “Activate Affiliate Account” to activate your affiliate account.

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You’ll now see a page showing your unique referral link, commissions & banners.